Objective 1 : To develop safe cycle for kids training conceptual framework

This objective will focus on analysing the best practices in terms of safe cycling training already in place in Europe. These will be adopted to fit the needs of kids and families. Based on the key elements identified, the manual for trainers will be developed describing the details of the training for kids At the same time, material concerning safety concerns for parents will be developed too. This objective will practically target to frame the intervention and describe the process, the tools and the potential audience.

Objective 2: To implement the SafeCyle4Kids interventions and measure results

The SafeCycle4Kids interventions will consist of three pillars of actions: training for kids, information provision to parents and promotional events. The training will be implemented in the 5 participating countries to kids. A ‘parents’ academy’ session will also take place to inform the parents of the training that the kids undertook and how to better support the kids’ independent mobility. One promotional open street event will take place in every country to inform the wider audience on safe cycling. An evaluation process will be applied to assess if the SafeCycle4Kids interventions will provide a strategic step towards active kids through the adoption of cycling in their everyday life. The interventions (mainly training to kids and parents) will be evaluated against the previously determined baseline to measure success. This will be achieved by a questionnaire that will have to be completed before and after the training from both parents and kids’ side to explore whether the training on safety has supported a modal shift towards cycling.

Objective 3: To disseminate information and engage users and stakeholders

This objective will focus on achieving a wide dissemination of the project’s results. Social media will be extensively used along with information provision on events, workshops, meetings where the partners will participate.