Project management and coordination
D1.1 Deliverable template - A template that will have to be used for all deliverables and manuals developed by the project. Language: English
Defining the SafeCycle4Kids intervention conceptual framework
D2.1 Good Practices report - Format: electronic, languages: English number of pages: 20 | download
D2.2 SafeCycle4Kids manuals - format: electronic, languages: all partners, number of pages: 10 for kids, 5 for parents, 10 for instructors | download
Delivering the SafeCycle4Kids intervention package
D3.1 SafeCycle4Kids intervention delivered - A short report summarizing the activities in each country. Languages: all partners Pages:10
D3.2 Evaluation and Lessons Learnt - Evaluation report: Lessons Learnt, Pages: 10, Language: all partners
Dissemination, Communication, Engagement
D4.1 Dissemination & Communication plan | download
D4.2 Open Street Events - Summary of the events’ proceedings. Pages 10, Language: English