Enhancing physical activity uptake for children through the provision of safe cycle interventions

SafeCycle4Kids encourages a healthy lifestyle for children by supporting cycling adoption as a mean of active travel that can improve the physical activity level.

SafeCycle4Kids concept is based on two principles that will increase the safety and therefore confidence of young cyclists and their families:
1) Parental perceptions of children’s cycling and traffic skills are an important correlate of children’s independent mobility.
2) Increasing children’s cycling and traffic skills are important targets in cycling promotion among children. SafeCycle4Kids will focus on designing and delivering training on safe cycle to both kids and parents. Using parents as ‘mediators’ but also’ role models’, SafeCycle4Kids will overcome the barrier of feeling ‘unsafe’ and will ultimately increase the cycling uptake of kids and the whole family.

The five partners will develop a safe cycling training for kids and parents that can be used as the basis for a European-wide intervention, based on the good practices training that have been applied in various countries so far. This will increase the physical activity levels of kids and families through an economic, green and inclusive method of exercise, cycling.