The company has been extensively involved in providing educational programs to schools with regards to cycling, sports and healthy habits. A wide network of schools and after-schools clubs are collaborators of Physis, supporting its vision to educate both on theoretical and practical aspects the kids to live a healthy life. Physis also specializes on outdoor sports and fitness provision to adults as well as mountain / sports tourism, being environmental conscious always integrates the CO2 zero emissions in Call: [ERASMUS-SPORT-2022-SSCP] —[Cooperation partnerships (ERASMUS-LS)] 19 their approach. The company is a newcomer in Erasmus, however, they have recruited an experienced project manager to support with the delivery of the project.
Full members of European Cyclists’ Federation and World Car Free Network, European Greenways Association as well as National Association for Eco Tourism of Serbia devoted to promote the use of bicycle in Serbia. They are responsible for the organisation of a number of events with regards to cycling (such as the bike fest). YCC has licence to teach a cycling training programme to schools but which was delivered only for a short period and to a basic structure. YCC aims to develop a more holistic training package through SafeCycle4Kids that will be sustained in the years. They have access to around 40 schools and over 5000 pupils. They are a newcomer in Erasmus
MUBi is a Portuguese national association for urban cycling mobility. It has nearly 2000 members and is dedicated to promoting cycling in Portuguese cities and the improvement of quality of life in urban centres. MUBi is a member of European Cyclist Federation carrying out informative, educational projects, consultative actions, support to official entities, projects and initiatives related to the use of the bicycle. MUBi works regularly with schools offering webinars to children.


A sports organisation (club) devoted to the delivery of formal and non-formal education to citizens in region of Nitra. Their aim is to promote healthy lifestyle and well-being of and encourage members to participate in sport and physical activity including walking, hiking and cycling.
SinBic leads campaigns, lobbying, informing and media, organizing meetings and public events (lectures, forums, festivals, cycling tours, protests) as well as exploring examples of good practices and legislation and developing proposals and elaborations. We have worked to raise awareness of decision-makers and the public about the importance of cycling, and to increase the share of cyclists in total traffic with the aim of achieving a higher quality of life in the city and a higher quality of public health.